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Excellence.  Engagement.  Evolving Education.

Established initially as a podcast in January 2008, Wicked Decent Learning has evolved from a couple of teachers talking about teaching and “stuff” into a dynamic crossroads of educational theory, practice, philosophy and reform.

Dan Ryder and Jeff Bailey, veteran classroom educators, actors and directors, best friends, and generally swell guys, combined forces in 2015 with curriculum coordinator and ideator, Matt Drewette-Card, and in 2016 with teacher and literacy expert Audrey O’Clair, to share their thoughts, knowledge, insights, resources, and talents in the service of improving learning in Maine and beyond.

Dan continues to teach English, Humanities, and Design Thinking at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington, ME.  Jeff is a Technology Educator, Integrator, and Leader at Mountain Valley High School in Rumford, ME.  Matt is leading AOS #94 (Dexter-region) in areas of Understanding by Design, proficiency-based and personalized learning, educator effectiveness (teacher evaluation), and more.  Audrey is a national leader in Early Literacy and continues to engage all learners through her expertise and specializations in literacy and special education.

All continue to present at workshops and conferences around the state of Maine, across New England and national stages as well.  They facilitate graduate and undergraduate level courses in content literacy, technology integration, differentiation, instructional design, improvisation, young adult literature, and more.

Contact: Wicked Decent Learning @ gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About WDL

  1. Hi Guys,
    I wanted to introduce you to our technology.
    I have some fantastic examples of how well we work as a learning tool.
    We are being utilized in Southern Maine and being very well received by both the students and the educators.
    The MeBox player is so easy to use and build people love it.
    Check out our site, here is a link to one that is not on it

    Bill Osgood
    406 224 8444 Bangor Resident 🙂

    • Hey Bill,

      So I took a look at your site, but I’m trying to get a better sense of just what MeBox is.. does…

      Shoot us a line via wickeddecentlearning at gmail.com?


      Dan Ryder of Wicked Decent Learning (@wickeddecent on Twitter)

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