Matt Drewette-Card


Matt has been working in public education since 2001, but started working with kids in 1993 as a counselor for an academically-focused day-camp.  Born and raised in Connecticut, Matt has taught and lived in Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, and Oregon.  His educational experiences include designing, teaching and leading after-school programs, teaching an academic Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, teaching fourth grade at a rural Elementary School, teaching reading, social studies, and technology integration at large urban middle and high schools, teaching high school students social studies content, designing innovative and effective Response to Intervention systems, build and implement proficiency-based and personalized learning models across K-12 schools, design and teach graduate-level students, and present at conferences.  Matt is a jack-of-all-educational-trades, with a Master’s in Educational Leadership.  For the last four years, Matt has worked as the Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Coordinator for AOS #04 (Dexter, ME region), where he has been pivotal in leading major systemic changes and reforms in areas of effective instruction, curriculum design, proficiency-based learning, teacher evaluation, data-based planning, professional development, and technology integration.  Matt’s particular areas of specialization and expertise are proficiency-based and personalized learningleadership, and design thinking.

Areas of Expertise