ACCEPT: 24 Hours in a Day

ACCEPT:  There are 24 hours in a day.  


No matter how many Facebook statuses we post wishing for another, how many tweets we tweet wondering where those last two-and-a-half went, unless we are spending everyday flying from Maine to Hawaii, we have 24 hours to do it all.

Planning, assessing, conferencing, designing, making, remaking, wrestling, reflecting, blogging, praying, laughing, commiserating, arguing, resolving, listening, believing, dancing, bepopping and scatting:

we have 24 hours to do it all.

So use what we we have wisely and with great intent.

Make plans.  Strategize.  Keep them. Execute.

And if today you happened to spend three hours catching up on Scandal or forty minutes texting terrible names for breakfast cereals back and forth with your best friend from summer camp, that is okay.

There will be 24 hours tomorrow, too.

About Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder & Jeff Bailey, co-founders of Wicked Decent Learning, a blog, podcast, Twitter feed and who-knows-what-all-else devoted to teaching and learning in Vacationland and beyond. Teachers, dads, actors, writers, geeks, buds.

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