ACTEM 2013: More Customized Learning on the Cheap

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Session Outcomes:

How might we (HMW) use free technology tools to adopt mass customized learning in our classrooms, schools and districts?

  • Define Mass Customized Learning through broad, massive, Godzilla-like brush strokes
  • Identify & explore free technology tools that will make the city-crushing, radiation-breathing monster of MCL seem like Danny the Dinosaur: adorable, lovable and down right enjoyable

Back Channel on Today’s Meet is here (At the End of the Session We’ll Be Asking for HMW Regarding What You Learned Today as Well)


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What Is Mass Customized Learning?


  • Mindset & Philosophy; Not Program & Protocol
  • Student Voice & Choice
  • Standards-Based/Proficiency-Based/Performance-Based System
  • “Learning Is the Constant, Time Is the Variable”
  • 2nd Order Change

Today, we introduce you to,  or remind you of, free tech tools that better enable those five aspects of MCL to thrive.

We’ll be working from our Diigo Group.  Access “More Customized Learning on the Cheap 2013” Here.

P.S. You can find resources from Customized Learning on the Cheap 2012 Here


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