ACTEM 2013: Ridiculous Integration: Improv Comedy & Technology

Twitter! Yay!

Today will be about serious things.  If you laugh, you might ruin everything.

Please don’t do that.

We spent a lot of time preparing this session about making things up as you go.

Thank you.

Warm Up (the Bus, Warm up the Bus! Warm up the Bus! Sorry.. being the Civic Center gets me in tourney mode .. . )


Identify one word that describes how you feel about tech integration in your classroom, school or district. Say that word whenever the leader points to you.  Feel the flow.

3 Things:  

“Hey Jeff!  Three terrible names for iPad apps!”



“Robitussin Fun Space”


“Microsoft Encarta!”

“Three!  Dan, Three Things you Wish You Could Do with an Android Phone!”

And so on . .

Name & Noise

Count of by 1s & 2s.

1s: Say Your Name & Make a noise you make when your tech tools work right!

2s: Say Your Name & Make a noise you make when your tech tools fail! Hard!

Follow the pattern!  Drop the name! Now just noises!

For each of the above, listen to the amazing conversation as we determine how we can use these techniques with students & colleagues & board members.  (Board members?!?  Yes! Why not!?!? .. um.. because they are scary and control the money?  Touche.)

Now, we learn about A-C-T Improv Philosophy.  Where does such learning live?  ACT Here!

Let’s Get into Some Playing & Laughing to Build Our Capacity in ACT & Tech Integration! (Yes, Dan, that’s why we came to the session.  Dude, seriously, who IS this guy?)

  • Pillars
  • Emotional Objects


  • Complaint Department
  • Late to Work


  • Human Clay
  • Shoulda Said

Bring It All Together

  • Experts

How Can I Learn More?

About Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder & Jeff Bailey, co-founders of Wicked Decent Learning, a blog, podcast, Twitter feed and who-knows-what-all-else devoted to teaching and learning in Vacationland and beyond. Teachers, dads, actors, writers, geeks, buds.

12 thoughts on “ACTEM 2013: Ridiculous Integration: Improv Comedy & Technology

  1. Thanks guys…you were awesome! We need a little more laughter in our classrooms. This is markedly better than asking some Advisory kids to catch me as I fall off a table.

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