On the Cusp of #FUSE15

Just a few minutes after I compose these lines, I will witness, and document as Chief Storytelling Share Meister, 110+ educators embark on quite a journey: uncovering and exploring the power of design thinking as a means of transforming learning.

Atlanta’s Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s FUSE  . . . workshop . . . event  . . . experience?  Experience.  Conference doesn’t seem right.  We’ll go with experience . . .  <ahem>

Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s FUSE experience brings together educators invested in a more human centered form of problem solving, a means of solution finding built around empathy and understanding, a process of needs meeting that stems not from efficiency or utility, but from authenticity.

Each iteration of FUSE has built upon its predecessor, the first proving the concept could work, the second bringing design veterans from far and wide to contribute their skills, and this third round now poised to demonstrate the capacity a campus can build as the Mount Vernon Presbyterian Upper and Lower School staffs serve as the coaches.

As excited as I am to witness the evolutions of the individual educators at FUSE 15, I’m perhaps most intrigued by this idea of a campus holding such a strong sense of vision and purpose and commitment to building leadership capacity within its ranks, that is can host an event of this scope.


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