Posting During the School Year Is Hard, Yay for Podcast Friends

How do you people do it?

And by “you people,” I mean the practicing educators out there maintaining regular blogs because . . . for crying out criminy, I’ve wanted to post again and again and again this week.

What have I to show for all of that wanting?  A series of about three unfinished posts in draft form chock full of good stuff, yet wrapped up in that haze of new student names, half-formed lesson plans, early-in-the-year-regrets and type-nod-sleep-wake-type stream-of-consciousnesses meandering.  I usually reserve that sort of mush for late March, but wow.

This year is punching me in the face, Bobby Valentine style.  I’m not sure if it is the new classroom (Now living in a portable with my buddy, Sam, until the rest of the new building is completed), lack of wireless internet (Ethernet cables? Ph puh-lease), fun and exhausting students (“No, I don’t have your summer work done yet  . . . hold on a sec . . . Hey! Get out of the puddle”), or the new pilot plus courses I haven’t taught in five or more year (“What are we doing? What? How? Ok. Sure! Why not?!”) but sakes alive, I’m saying things like “sakes alive.”

Maybe it’s just me.

As for the half-blogs I’ve got done . . .

My friends, it is not ripe for consumption.  Not yet.  It will be.  Soon. I promise.  (Maybe even tonight depending upon the tenacity of my ambition.)

In the mean time, a thanks to Peter Rios and the sweet little shout out to WDL on his podcast, The Daily Rios.  (Thanks to our friend, Bill Doughty, for catching it — I was a little behind on my listening.) Peter is a veteran podcaster, having co-founded one of the all-time-great comic book podcasts, Comic Geek Speak.  Now the dude is rocking a daily show on his own where he discusses comics, theater, teaching, pop culture, life, and generally has a lot of interesting things to say in very digestible portions.  Plus, he’s a nice guy.

You can hear this shout out here.

And then listen to his account of starting up his collegiate level dance classes for the fall here.  I think he hits on some pretty universal feelings amongst educators at the start of the school year.


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