We Need & Deserve Professional Learning Systems that Model The Desired Behaviors

Matt Drewette-Card (@drewettecard) wrote a piece for Sevenzo about professional learning, belonging and ownership, and modeling.  Here’s the link to the article:


Thanks for checking it out!

2 thoughts on “We Need & Deserve Professional Learning Systems that Model The Desired Behaviors

  1. Matt: Your article is right on! A huge joke in our district is the 8 hour “one to many” work shop on the importance of activity in the classroom. . . . Thank goodness there’s been a shift in the past several years. One fairly recent (and shamefully obvious, when I think of it) innovation was presenting a “differentiation fair” in which teachers volunteered to present differentiation techniques that worked for them–people raved about it, presenters felt validated and appreciated, and colleagues did a little p.d. one on one! I hope we’ll do another round of this type of presentations soon–they worked, and were the antithesis of the “who is this stranger, and what’s the topic?” PD that you mention in your article. Spot-on, useful, lively PD is fantastic, isn’t it?

    • Professionally, good PD is so fulfilling. It’s energizing and exciting and always worth it. If PD time is dreaded, or a burden, then it’s just… not… good. And that needs to change, because all educators deserve to have their professional learning time be as amazing as we want it to be for our students.

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