Dan Ryder

Photo on 3-11-15 at 7.40 PM

Educator by trade, generalist by practice, I am a 17-year veteran English teacher and improv coach at Mt. Blue Campus in Farmington, Maine.  An adjunct instructor at the University of Maine at Farmington, I present workshops on technology integration, improvisation and design thinking throughout the state and beyond.  As co-founder of education podcast and blog, Wicked DecentLearning, I can be followed on Twitter @wickeddecent.  My improvisational skills can be seen on display with Teachers Lounge Mafia Improv. I have served as a Teacher Coach for IDEO’s Teachers Guild and have coached clients for the National Blogging Collaborative.  Learn more about me at DanRyder207.com

Proud denizen of the western Maine foothills and Bangor native, I am husband to a ridiculously intelligent and exceptionally attractive middle school librarian, and dad to two ridiculously intelligent and exceptionally hilarious kids.

Appreciator of vintage and retro ephemera, I am a huge comic book, movie, sports, music, comedy, design, history, technology, clothing, pop culture nerd and a proud member of Star Wars in the Classroom’s Rogues.

Also, I drink diet soda instead of coffee.  My dentist frowns upon this.


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