Focus 5 Motivation: How I Was Doing This Year

Earlier, this mid-winter, I completed a self-assessment of student motivation in my classroom practice according to Mike Muir’s Focus 5 strategies. I’m a big fan of these five because I believe they represent measurable, DOABLE dynamics one can easily affect in one’s classroom.

I was a bigger fan before I realized how relatively week my practice appears to be based on the evidence I make readily available: my classroom blog.

My methodology for the self-assessment meant going through two-plus months worth of blog posts and tagging each lesson with the applicable Focus 5 strategy.  I then used  to create a tag cloud.  This gave me a visual to see the frequency of those Focus 5 in comparison to one another.

I shared the initial results and reflections  with my colleagues in our MCL course and received some feedback.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.51.01 PM


Several of them hadn’t noticed my sticky notes on the screen and that’s okay — they noticed the same things I had noticed and had some good suggestions for how to share the results.

Rather than put the results all in narrative for this blog, I continued with the visuals and used ThingLink to make an interactive image that includes my strengths, weaknesses, and plan for improvement.  Also you will find links to my lesson that I believe highlight each of the Focus 5.

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