Focus 5 Motivation: How I Was Doing This Year

Earlier, this mid-winter, I completed a self-assessment of student motivation in my classroom practice according to Mike Muir’s Focus 5 strategies. I’m a big fan of these five because I believe they represent measurable, DOABLE dynamics one can easily affect in Continue reading Focus 5 Motivation: How I Was Doing This Year

ThingLink: Mapping Campus Thinking

Admittedly short little post here as my thinking continues to evolve on this one — as does the project.  Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo on the Twitterspace) re-calibrated my brain to the possibilities affords the world of education.  As did Amy Continue reading ThingLink: Mapping Campus Thinking

New Year’s What Ifs .

I’ve been digging the heck outta Andrew R. McHugh and Matt Murrie’s work with The What If . . . ? LLC.  They put on The What If . . . ? Conference in Missouri as well as affiliated smaller Continue reading New Year’s What Ifs .

Tweeting Your Way to Better Leadership

While taking a series of graduate courses toward a “Mass Customized Learning” endorsement/certification, I’ve spent a significant amount of time with Bea McGarvey & Chuck Schwahn’s Inevitable, Too, the inevitable follow-up to Inevitable.  (See what I did there?) Both texts explore the Continue reading Tweeting Your Way to Better Leadership