TRUST: Good People Are Easy to Find

Good people are easy to find.

If we believe in the inherent goodness of people, if we trust others will be there to help us when we stumble or struggle or just plain goof up, then they will be.

The day I write this, I forgot a box of LEGO bricks.  And not just any box of LEGO bricks, but the box serving as the only set of  tools I had planned for low-res prototype making in a design thinking workshop. (Also, there are cool chain pieces in that box.  And a bunch of mini-figures.  Fact: LEGO mini-figures inspire instant joy.)

For five minutes, I panicked in the truck as I neared the site, I fielded suggestions from Jeff in the seat next to me, and then I realized, “I could just ask.”  I was going to a elementary school.  Chances were strong I could find something.  Anything. I  just needed an opportunity to ask.  And to trust.

I walked into the main office with the intention of asking for access to a supply closet.  Teachers were coming and going past the desk.

ME: I forgot my box of LEGOs.

TEACHER PASSER BY: Do you want mine?

ME: What?

TEACHER PASSER BY: I’ve got some in my room.


ME: You both do?

TEACHER PASSER BY: Use mine. I’ve got wheels and people.

TEACHER PASSER BY TWO: I’ve got . . . she’s right . . . you should use hers.

Three minutes later I held a tub of glorious bricks.  And the mini-figs were important.

TRUST: Good people are easy to find when we believe in their inherent goodness.  

Accept. Communicate. Trust.

About Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder & Jeff Bailey, co-founders of Wicked Decent Learning, a blog, podcast, Twitter feed and who-knows-what-all-else devoted to teaching and learning in Vacationland and beyond. Teachers, dads, actors, writers, geeks, buds.

10 thoughts on “TRUST: Good People Are Easy to Find

  1. Hey Dan- why didn’t you tell me you wrote posts of more than 140 characters? I like blogs over any format because I’m visual & cerebral like that. As you see, finally got on Twitter. Thought I could do it quietly, but Amanda tweeted it out to the class within 2 minutes! Arrrrg.

    Good post- I agree good people are every where. IMHO, they are there whether we believe it or not, but the more we speak up about what we need, the more they appear.

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