When there’s a spark…

So let’s face it, for the most part, the WDL fire was extinguished.  What once was a roaring fire (or at least a small hibachi) had waned from it’s once great ride on the internets.  But to the chagrin of some, and the delight of others, the spark remains.

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Dan and I have had very busy lives these past few years getting involved in many endeavors.  But we have always maintained a passion for education, teaching and most of all learning (it’s even in our title).  We have both been burning for a mouthpiece to share our collective thoughts and resources online again.  A podcast again perhaps?  A Youtube channel?  Just blogging?  Time for Tweets?  Google Hangouts?  Then we decided… sure.  We could try a bit of anything really.  So we have decided that this will be the campfire from which our conversations begin.  If you’d like to hangout in the Google + tent and socialize? Great, we’ll see you there with hotdogs.  Want to hang in the Facebook tent and debate? Swell, we will bring the Yahtzee game. Where it will lead is up to us, but also up to you.  Part of the experience is sharing with others is not just talking, but listening.  So we hope you’ll join us and continue the discussions about education in our state and in our world.

-Jeff and Dan

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